As seen in Bunkered magazine, Pocket Timer is the easy-to-use golf gadget that could save your score.

Stick it in your pocket and use it to make sure you search for the full three minutes when your ball goes astray - and that your opponents don't take longer.

Designed in the UK by keen amateur golfing heart-throb and housewives' favourite Richard Longhurst, it's the must-have gadget that you hope you'll never have to use - but could save your score when you do.

Why golfers must buy a Pocket Timer - today!

Every golfer knows that they've got three minutes to search for a golf ball, but how many of us truly knows how long three minutes is?

It might be how long it takes to cook a (very) soft-boiled egg. It might be how long you dream you'd last in a dalliance with Paige Spiranac. But unless you've actually timed three minutes yourself, you don't really know - and that's a problem.

For a start, I wouldn't mind betting that you have never actually timed three minutes when you've searched for a lost ball. Most likely you'll have a desultory poke around in the grass or gorse and after what seems like a few minutes, you give up out of boredom because you just want to get on with the game. That's fine when you're looking for your opponent's ball and you don't care about finding it, but it's bloody annoying when your mates give up hunting for your ball when you're sure you've got time left.

Let's be honest, you'd have to be a bit of a chump to make a show of timing the search on your watch - have you ever seen anyone do that? In fact, when was the last time you used your watch to time anything? Or used the stopwatch function on a digital watch? Probably about the same time you masturbated over the lingerie pages of the Littlewoods catalogue.

You could use the timer function on your phone but that isn't practical because while you're wandering around in the trees or the bushes or the long grass, your phone is probably in your bag back on the fairway. And anyway, everyone knows you shouldn't get your phone out on the golf course.

The upshot of all this is that you give up looking for your ball too soon. You lose your ball when you might have found it if you had taken all your three minutes.

And there's another very good reason why you should always have a Pocket Timer to hand when you play. It's for when you come up against that annoying matchplay opponent who calls time on your search when you feel certain you've got longer to look. Wouldn't you like to be able to prove to him that you've got a bit more time left? Yes, you would.

Or when that same guy spends ages looking for his ball and doesn't have the decency to call time on himself. Inevitably he finds the ball around the five minute mark and proceeds to play on and win the hole. Wouldn't you like to prove to him that his three minutes are up so you can send him back to the tee? Yes, you would.

This is why I invented Pocket Timer - to help you win matches and get lower scores.

Lightweight, discreet, effective, and easy to use, Pocket Timer is the perfect way to make sure you search for the three minutes that you are allowed - and your opponents don't take longer.

Let's be honest: you probably wouldn't use your full three minutes with Paige Spiranac, but there's no reason why you shouldn't use them on the golf course. Get your Pocket Timer today.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It - Take His

Four-handicap golfer Steve Francis recently used his Pocket Timer to devastating effect in winning The Somerset County Seniors Scratch Championship at Minehead.

Champion Steve said: “I bought the Pocket Timer on a whim thinking it would be a fun, novelty item to carry which I would rarely use, but I was wrong."

"It’s useful when looking for your own or your playing partners’ balls, especially in a match. You simply press the button and announce you’ve started the timer so everyone knows the decision to stop looking is out of their hands.

"No longer do you have the unsatisfactory discussions: “I think that’s about three minutes” – “no just a little longer” – “you play your ball, I’ll keep looking” Now you have a definitive end point to call time on the search.

"I have also used it numerous times in knockout matches when my opponent was searching for his ball.

"I now take it every time I play. It's as much part of my golf gear as my tee pegs."

Congratulations on your big win Steve - glad Pocket Timer could help you!

Video: See Pocket Timer in action

How to use Pocket Timer

Put it in your pocket and tee off

Hit your ball in the deep rough, trees, bushes, heather, ravine, sand dunes or anywhere else bad

Start searching and click your Pocket Timer to begin the three-minute countdown

You'll feel a buzz when you start it and another buzz after every 30 seconds

Each light goes out after every 30 seconds so you can see at a glance how long you've got left to search

The last light goes out and a double buzz tells you 3 minutes are up

Click and hold the start button to reset the timer if you've started it too soon

Top Pocket Timer Tip
On the first tee, make a laugh of it and give your playing partners or opponents a quick demo of Pocket Timer to show them how it works and let them know you'll be timing your searches.

Pocket Timer FAQ

How big is it?
It's about the same diameter as a poker chip and a little bit more than twice as thick.

Can I use it as a ball marker?
Yes you can - it looks a bit chunky on the green but doesn't get in the way any more than a poker chip does. Pocket Timer is not completely waterproof so don't use it as a ball marker if it's raining.

Does it take batteries?
No, Pocket Timer is rechargeable - attach the supplied cable and plug it into a USB adaptor.

How long does a charge last?
Each charge lasts for 10 uses - should be good for a couple or three rounds, unless you're playing particularly badly.

Is it waterproof?
No, Pocket Timer is not waterproof but there shouldn't be any need to get it wet. Keep it in your pocket while you're playing and you can start it without even looking at it.

Can I reset it if I click it too soon?
Yes. Click and hold down the power button for a few seconds and it will reset. Click again to start the three-minute countdown.

Can I buy some in bulk and get a discount?
Yes, you can. If you would like a price for a large quantity, please get in touch with me via the Contact page.

Can I get some with customised logos for my golf club / golf society / PGA tournament / LIV tournament / massive global golf brand?
You most certainly can! Please get in touch with me via the Contact page.

  • Pocket Timer is the same diameter as a poker chip and about twice as thick.

  • It's supplied with a USB recharging cable. Fully charged it will last for about 10 uses.

  • Use the supplied cable to recharge your Pocket Timer. Don't forget to put it back in your golf bag after.

Who is this Richard Longhurst bloke?

My name's Richard and I play golf - a lot. Happily retired and always looking for a game, my home club is Bath Golf Club and I'm a country member at Saunton and Sherwood Forest.

Here I am by Seve's Tee on the par 3 4th hole on San Roque's New Course. Big carry from there!

In a former life I was the co-founder of Lovehoney - it was quite natural to go from making things-that-go-buzz-in-the-night to something that goes buzz in your pocket.

You can find me on the MyEG app - do a player search for "Longhurst" at Bath Golf Club. Let's be friends and get a game in!

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