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Pocket Timer: The Lost Ball Score Saver - FREE UK Delivery

Pocket Timer: The Lost Ball Score Saver - FREE UK Delivery

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Put an end to you've-had-three-minutes golf course arguments with the WORLD FIRST Pocket Timer.

This easy-to-use golf gadget makes it super-simple to time three minutes when you're searching for a ball on the golf course. You can easily make sure you take the full three minutes that the Rules of Golf allow for your search and stop your opponent from taking longer.

Just put the lightweight timer in your pocket while you're playing - it only weighs a few grams so you won't even know it's there. When you start searching for a ball, click the middle of your Pocket Timer to begin the 3 minute countdown. You don't even have to take it out of your pocket - it buzzes to let you know it has started.

Every 30 seconds you get another buzz to remind you that is running out and one of the six lights goes out. After three minutes, the last light goes out and two consecutive buzzes lets you know that time is up.

So the next time your opponent calls time on your search, you can prove that you've still got what might be crucial seconds left by showing them that Pocket Timer is still lit up. And when all the lights have gone out, you can confidently call time on your opponent's search.

Recharge Pocket Timer after 10 uses with the USB-B recharging cable supplied.

Between rounds keep it in its resealable waterproof pouch. 

Get your Pocket Timer today - it could make the difference between winning and losing!


FREE 2 day UK delivery.

No tracking or signature required - the envelope will fit through your letterbox.

£14.99 if you want it sent somewhere else in the world.

Return policy

If you decide you don't want it, send it back with the packaging unopened for a refund.

Sorry, if change your mind after you've opened the packaging I can't give you a refund.

If you get a faulty one, contact me and I'll send you a replacement.

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